The Euguelion

Louky Bersianik

Translated by Howard Scott

In 1976 Louky Bersianik's L'Euguélionne exploded onto the Quebec literary scene. Now a new translation captures all the power and laughter of Bersianik's vision for English-speaking readers.

The novel presents an engaging extraterrestrial, the Euguelion of the title (pronounced you-gaily-un, the name means "the bringer of good news"), who visits the Earth. Through the eyes of this sister from another planet--one eye happy, one sad--we are given a wickedly witty portrait of the situation of women in our world. "To resist is good," proclaims the Euguelion, "to transgress is better."

Described as "a masterpiece of lucidity, passion and humour"(La Presse) and compared to Voltaire, Rabelais, and Woolf, The Euguelion has become a Quebec classic and a cult favourite among science fiction readers and feminists worldwide. It is every bit as pertinent--and impertinent!--today as when it first appeared. As Bersianik says, "We women are all extraterrestrials--but we're getting ready to land."

368 pages / 6" x 9"
ISBN: 1-896743-01-3

A sample from the book

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